Weight Loss Camps to Help You Lose Weight

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If diet can’t help you to lose weight, you can join weight loss camps. Nowadays, there are so many available weight loss food programs that you can choose. One of the most noticeable weight loss food programs is the weight loss camp. You can select one of the best weight loss camps that offer the most promising program with many success stories.


Check out the following weight loss camps! They offer great weight loss food program that can help you lose weight.


1. Green Mountain at Fox Run

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Green Mountain at Fox Run

This weight loss camp is founded in 1973. This camp does not offer weight loss programs for men because it is an exclusive weight loss camp for women. Thousands of women had joined the program. They have lost their weight healthfully by joining Green Mountain at Fox Run. Their weight loss system is proven to be a very effective weight loss food program.

You will learn:

  • How to choose healthy foods
  • How to develop healthy relationship with foods
  • How to incorporate exercise in daily activity
  • And many others


The programs that they offer are:

1.      Three and four-week programs

This program offers the best opportunity in losing weight and makes changes in your life. They offer full set of workshops to change your habit so you will be able to manage your healthy weight even years after you joined the weight loss camp.

2.      Two-week program

This program is aimed to the busy women with very limited time. If you join this program, you will be given workshops that will help you to cope with difficult situation.

3.      One-week program

This is the introductory program. If you doubt its effectiveness, you can read the information on their website. They claimed that there are many participants that have achieved their goals in one week only.




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New Image Camps

This is our second recommendation of weight loss camps. This camp is very recommended for your teenage daughter and son. There are so many weight loss camps other than this New Image Camps but we think that this weight loss camp is among the best weight loss camps because it is very safe for your children.


New Image Camps offer the healthy and fun camp atmosphere so the participants will not feel like in a hospital with series of therapy that can make them feel bored or even stressed.


Other than New Image Camps, there are also some other weight loss camps that are good enough. Before choosing a weight loss camps for your kids, you better read the following tips.

Tips to choose weight loss camps for your kids:

1.      Choose the camps that serve quality foods for your kids.

2.      Find out the number of qualified counselors

3.      Choose only the camps that are accredited by American Camping Association

4.      Find out how many percentages of children those succeed with the weight loss program at those camps.

5.      Involve your children in making decision because the camps should be comfortable enough for the kids.

Achieve beauty by joining weight loss camps that can help you to gain your ideal weight. Weight loss camps are just one of the beauty treatments that you can do. To look beautiful, you don’t need to do the whole thing, just do beauty treatments as necessary. Excessive treatments might waste your money and can result irritation.

Find out more information about beauty treatments on the other articles. Our previous article about NutriSystem diet plan might be useful for you.

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