Simple Acne Masks for Oily Skin Recipes

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There are so many acne masks for oily skin products that you can find in the market. Other than those ready to use acne mask for oily skin, there are also homemade acne masks for oily skin that will make your face looks less oily. The natural masks for oily skin are very recommended because they are way safer than the commercial products that you can find in the marketplace. You can see exactly the ingredients of your natural face masks for oily skin because you are the one who make that homemade facemask for oily skin.

Beauty treatments never been this easy, just check out the recipes and discover easy way to treat your oily skin. Before you apply the homemade facial masks for oily skin, you might need to apply it on your hand to test whether you are allergic to specific ingredients or not. Leave the natural face mask on your hand for one hour to test.

Acne masks for oily skin recipes:

1.       Avocado face mask for oily skin

avocado facemask


You need:

  • Ripe avocado
  • Orange juice + lemon juice to help oily skin control
  • Honey
  • Molasses
  • Chamomile oil drops
  • Egg white
  • Yoghurt

You can mix all of the ingredients with a spoon or using mixer. Orange juice is used to make the avocado mask not too thick so you can decide by yourself how much juice that you need to pour on your homemade acne mask for oily skin. Apply the avocado facemask for oily skin control regularly so you will be able to get rid of oily face.


2.       Apple face mask for oily skin

apple face mask


You need:

  • Grated apple (you need only 1 apple)
  • 5 spoon of honey

Mix the two ingredients and apply to your face. Leave it for 10 minutes and clean your face using cloth and warm water. As you can see, this recipe is less difficult than the previous one. Pick your favorite among all of the acne masks for oily skin in this page.


3.       Egg white mask

Egg white mask is the last of all acne masks for oily skin recipe on this page. Although it is the last of acne masks for oily skin recipes that we could share but this natural facemask is the easiest one to try.

EGG white beauty treatments

egg white

You need:

  • Egg white


Well, egg white is the only ingredient that you need if you want to make an egg white facial mask. You don’t have to add the yolk in it. If you like, you can whip the egg until it turns to light foam. Use your fingers or make up brush to apply the mask on your face. This egg white mask is one of the best acne masks for oily skin. It cleans your pores and makes your skin brighter. It is very effective to treat stubborn acne.


Those are the acne masks for oily skin that you can make by yourself. You just need to make sure that you are not allergic to any ingredient of the acne masks for oily skin. Natural acne masks for oily skin are always the best to treat acne prone skin. If you are afraid of chemical addition in acne masks that are sold in the market, homemade acne masks for oily skin should be the best alternative for you.


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